Tablescaping at Lime Tree Work Shop, Sevenoaks

Thursday 21 July 2022

Tablescaping Event

Tablescape Workshop: Keep it Neutral

This workshop looks at the principles of tablescaping and how to curate your own bespoke tablescape at home.  Demonstrations, guidance, top tips and lots of opportunities for hands-on styling.  Sarah will share her recommendations for sourcing and purchasing tableware as well as her styling guide for setting a tablescape for different occasions, offering guidance on curating a beautiful yet functional tablescape. Focusing on a neutral palette, Sarah will bring a plethora of tableware items for you to build and style your own tablescape as well as all the finishing touches such as candles, flowers, placements and bows.

The workshop is perfect for those looking to learn a new skill, for those wanting to hone their hosting game at home and for stylists or planners working in the wedding and hospitality industry.

The workshop starts at 6.45pm until 8.45pm at the brand new space Lime Tree Work Shop in Sevenoaks.

Tickets are £59 p.p. and include the workshop, refreshments and a gift to take away. Email for more information or click here.