Roman mosaic

Lullingstone Roman Villa

Lullingstone Roman Villa counts among the most outstanding Roman villa remains in Europe. The villa dates to around AD 100 – although the site was probably occupied even before then – and developed according to the tastes and beliefs of successive wealthy owners, reaching its peak of luxury in the mid-4th century.

The site is so special due to the remarkable preservation of some the main villa’s structural elements, the earliest known evidence of a Christian altar in a private home, a heated bath suite and some spectacular mosaics.

The museum’s galleries overlook the fully excavated remains, and a specially commissioned film and light show helps to bring different areas of the villa to life.

With Roman board games, original building materials to handle and Roman costumes to try on, Lullingstone Roman Villa is a unique, all-weather family day out.

Lullingstone Lane, Eynsford, Kent DA4 0JA
01322 863467

Entrance to Lullingstone Roman Villa