The Kent Food Festival

Date: 15/06/2024

At the heart of the Kent Food Fest lies a gastronomic haven where flavors converge and culinary delights take center stage. Our food stalls are a vibrant mosaic of tastes and aromas, offering a tantalizing journey through diverse cuisines. From sizzling street food that ignites the senses to gourmet creations that redefine indulgence, every stall is a culinary adventure waiting to be savored.

Discover a fusion of local favorites, international specialties, and innovative gastronomic creations crafted by passionate artisans. And it’s not just about the food—quench your thirst with artisanal beverages, from craft beers that dance on the palate to refreshing concoctions that perfectly complement each delectable bite. With each stall curated for quality and diversity, the Kent Food Fest promises an epicurean experience that satisfies every craving and leaves taste buds tingling with delight. Plenty of music to enjoy too, with line-up being confirmed over the next months.

Location : Little Elses, Weald