Stubbs Wood has ancient trees, awesome views and a bloody past. You’ll find it on the top of the Greensand Ridge, close to Ide Hill village, with expansive views over the Weald and sparkling Bough Beech Reservoir.

The ancient woodland is dominated by towering English oak and beech trees, but there’s also holly, whitebeam, ash, chestnut, hazel and rowan. In 1554, as part of Wyatt’s rebellion against Queen Mary, a part of the wood known as Hanging Bank was the site of a clash between two forces of about 500 men each.

Stubbs Wood is home to many rare animals and plants thanks to the different soil types here – hence its status as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Unusually for Kent, there are some areas of heathland with heather, bilberry, bracken, heath bedstraw, wavy hair grass and heath speedwell. In springtime, visit for the vibrant carpet of bluebells.


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