Seventy-three tranquil hectares of woodland, marshes and lakes are dedicated to nature conservation on the edge of bustling Sevenoaks. It wasn’t always so serene at this pioneering nature reserve though…

Pre-1950s, it was a sand and gravel pit. Nowadays, the half-water, half-land site teems with nature and birdlife. More than 2,000 species have been identified, from teal, lapwing, kingfishers and grey herons to dragonflies, damselflies, fungi and even glow-worms.

You can find out more about the wildlife and the site’s journey from pre-history to Site of Special Scientific Interest in the Jeffery Harrison Visitor Centre (due to be renovated soon so check to see if it’s open). There are walking trails and regular events such as winter birding walks and torchlight surveys to join.


Bradbourne Vale Road

TN13 3DH

01622 357879